Video & Graphic Specialist Certificate

Cara Hurd, MACC, Chair
Phone: (419) 995-8323
Office: SCI 260N

The Video Graphic Specialist certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills needed for an entry-level video/media position.  The certificate curriculum focuses on a broad variety of technology skill sets including graphic design, photo-editing, video editing, website design, website editing, and animation.  This certificate flows seamlessly into the Associate of Applied Business Degree in Digital Marketing and Media.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  1. Create and edit digital graphic layouts, digital images, and websites.
  2. Apply video production, compression, and editing skills.
  3. Produce visually innovative motion graphics and animation.
  4. Apply software for spreadsheets, word processing, presentation, and databases.

Technical Standards
See here for details.