Activity Directing Certificate

Diane Haller, MS, Chair
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Human Service Major

The Activity Directing certificate provides the educational content required to lead an activity department in long-term care facilities in the State of Ohio. For students wanting to pursue national certification, the certificate provides the 90-hour basic modular education program required by the National Certification Council for Activity Professionals (please view the NCCAP website at for all the needed national certification requirements).

For individuals who do not seek to head an activity department or are seeking national certification, this coursework will provide an understanding of professional activity work.  All required courses are offered online and include the requirement of a 45-hour (per course) practicum placement at an agency that engages in professional activity work.

Technical Standards

See here for details.

HUM 1310Activity Directing I3
HUM 1320Activity Directing II3
Total Hours6

This certificate provides the basic coursework required to head an activity department at a long-term care facility in Ohio. Additional college credit and work experience may be necessary to become a National Certified Activity Director or Assistant Director (please see the department chairperson for more information).

The Human Service program is accredited by:
Council for Standards in Human Service Education
Elaine R. Green, President