Associate of Technical Studies

Eric Mason-Guffey, EdD,  Vice President Academic Affairs
Phone: (419) 995-8265
Office: KH 207

The Associate of Technical Studies (ATS) is designed for students whose career goals do not match exactly with those of existing programs.  It enables the design of a personalized course of study using content from existing technical programs. By blending technical courses with general and basic studies selections, students can create a coherent arrangement of courses across program majors to produce a customized learning experience.

Student Admission

When it becomes clear that the student’s educational goals cannot be accomplished through one of the existing technical programs, the Office of Advising may assist with the initiation of the Associate of Technical Studies (ATS).  The student must complete an application for entrance into the ATS, outlining the proposed plan to meet program requirements.  This should be created with assistance from the Division Dean, Program Chair, and/or academic advisor.  The completed application is submitted to the Academic Dean overseeing the major program of study for review with the student and academic advisor to determine that the proposed plan meets the overall objectives of the ATS degree and the needs of the student.  

Note:  Students may not bring more than 40 completed credit hours to the ATS program.