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The objective of the Business Program is to provide quality, up-to-date education for individuals who desire to enter into or advance careers in fields related to accounting, business administration, human resource, marketing, and office administration. All business majors are built on a blend of courses that stimulate critical thinking. Degrees and certificates within the Business Program are designed to prepare students for challenging and rewarding positions in business, industry, education, government, health care, and public service.   Certificates provide an opportunity to secure expertise in special areas of concentration, and students may use most coursework to pursue associate-level degrees.

The Accounting, Business Administration, Human Resource, and Marketing degrees are all accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

The Marketing Major is designed to provide hands-on education for individuals desiring to enter, advance or improve their skills in the growing field of digital marketing.  Students complete courses in communication, customer service, public relations, mobile marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and sales techniques.  Students also expand their technology skill sets by taking courses in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, graphic design, and desktop publishing. Students prepare for career positions as social media managers, public relations specialists, digital marketing associates, sales representatives, customer service representatives, and other challenging marketing-related positions. 

Technical Standards

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Marketing Major

(Available Traditional & Online Format)

Associate of Applied Business Degree

Structured Course Sequence (4 Semester Plan)

First Year
First SemesterHours
COM 1110 English Composition 3
CPT 1250Computer Applications in the Workplace 3
CPT 2650Creating and Editing Digital Images 3
ECN 1430Micro Economics 3
MKT 1010 Principles of Marketing 3
SDE 1010 First Year Experience 1
 Term Hours16
Second Semester
AOT 1230 
   or COM 1160
Business English I
   or Business Communications
AOT 2640Spreadsheet Software and Applications 3
CPT 2670Graphics Software and Applications 3
MKT 1610Customer Service 1
MKT 2000Digital Marketing and Analytics 3
PSY 1010 
   or SOC 1010
General Psychology
   or Sociology
 Term Hours16
Second Year
First Semester
COM 2110
   or COM 2213
Public Speaking
   or Verbal Judo
CPT 1580Introduction to Graphic Design and Layout 3
MKT 2210 Comprehensive Sales Techniques 3
MKT 2300Social Media and Mobile Marketing 3
MTH 1151
   or MTH 1190
   or MTH 1210
   or MTH 1260
   or MTH 1370
   or MTH 1430
   or MTH 1611
   or MTH 1711
   or MTH 1100
Quantitative Reasoning
   or Finite Mathematics/Business
   or Mathematics I
   or Statistics
   or College Algebra
   or Trigonometry
   or Business Calculus
   or Calculus I
   or Math of Business
 Term Hours15
Second Semester
CPT 1850
   or CPT 2700
   or CPT 2760
Webpage Layout and Design
   or Digital Video Editing
   or Animation
MGT 2010Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 2991Practicum 1
MGT 2992Seminar 1
MKT 1620Public Relations 1
MKT 1630Mobile Marketing 1
MKT 2520   Special Studies in Marketing 2
Any Science or Humanities course elective (see list below).  3
 Term Hours15
 Total Hours 62

  If planning to transfer, take MTH 1260 or higher.

See here for Portfolio and Capstone information.

Students should check course prerequisites before registering. Prerequisites are listed in the Course Tab.

Science and Humanities course electives

BIO 1000Basic Human Structure and Function3
BIO 1090Concepts in Biology4
BIO 1110Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIO 1120Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIO 1400Microbiology4
BIO 2121Introduction to Human Genetics4
CHM 1110Introductory General Chemistry4
CHM 1120Introductory Organic and Biochemistry4
GLG 1000Physical Geology4
GLG 1004Historical Geology4
HST 1011Western Civilization I3
HST 1012Western Civilization II3
HST 1333World Civilization I3
HST 1334World Civilization II3
HST 1610 American History to 18773
HST 1620American History Since 18773
HST 2300Technology and Civilization3
HST 2510History of Latin America3
HST 2521Women in World History3
LIT 1450Introduction to Film3
LIT 2210Introduction to Literature3
LIT 2215Native American Literature3
LIT 2227Literature of Graphic Novels3
LIT 2228African-American Literature3
LIT 2241World Literature I3
LIT 2242World Literature II3
LIT 2250The American Short Story3
LIT 2260Fantasy Literature3
LIT 2301British Literature I3
LIT 2305Introduction to Shakespeare3
LIT 2310Literature and the Holocaust3
LIT 2450Themes in Literature and Film3
MUS 1010Music Appreciation I 3
THR 1010Introduction to Theatre3

MKT 1010 — Principles of Marketing
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the essentials of marketing. The environments of marketing, the nature of the consumption forces in the economy, the institutional structure of the American marketing system, distribution, wholesaling and retailing, ultimate consumers and industrial consumers and pricing are studied in detail.
Transfer: TAG.
Corequisites: ECN 1430.

MKT 1600 — Customer Relations and Public Relations
3 Credit hours  

Examines customer service methods and public relations tools and techniques, supplementary to advertising and personal selling. Emphasis is placed on the integration of all marketing communications to achieve organizational objectives. Students learn about the trends in business toward a service culture; how to develop communication skills, how to encourage loyalty, how to deal with difficult situation, and the role of public relations in marketing.

MKT 1610 — Customer Service
1 Credit hour  

Develops the necessary skills to be successful in today's customer centric business world. This course examines various service situations and develops the skills necessary to provide superior customer service to all stakeholders.

MKT 1620 — Public Relations
1 Credit hour  

Explores the public relations role in the modern world by examining each component of public relations and how it functions using real-world problems and solutions.

MKT 1630 — Mobile Marketing
1 Credit hour  

Examines how mobile marketing is defining business today, including strategy, tracking ROI, and advertising. Investigate consumer interactions with mobile devices, and the laws and ethics of mobile marketing.
Corequisites: CPT 1250, MKT 1010.

MKT 2000 — Digital Marketing and Analytics
3 Credit hours  

Explores marketing strategies and tactics in digital marketing. Search engine optimization, online advertising, web analytics, and social media will be utilized to build brand awareness and contribute to an integrated marketing communication campaign.
Corequisites: CPT 1250, MKT 1010.

MKT 2110 — Advertising and Sales Promotion
3 Credit hours  

Examines and studies advertising and sales promotion including history and development of advertising, preparation of the ad, selection of media, budgeting for advertising, research and direct-mail marketing. The fundamentals of sales promotion are discussed. Emphasis is placed on increasing sales through advertising and sales.
Transfer: TAG.
Prerequisites: MKT 1010.

MKT 2210 — Comprehensive Sales Techniques
3 Credit hours  

Examines and studies the principles of professional selling including its historical and economic aspects; the selling processes; types of selling; personal selling as a communicative and promotional element in the marketing of goods and services; pre-sale essentials; pre-sale planning; the selling formula; salesmanship at work and self-management.
Corequisites: MKT 1010.

MKT 2300 — Social Media and Mobile Marketing
3 Credit hours  

Explores the various social media channels to build social marketing strategies and track their effectiveness. Mobile marketing is defined and explored.
Corequisites: CPT 1250, MKT 1010.

MKT 2350 — Digital Marketing Analytics
3 Credit hours  

Explores web analytic tools to identify how digital marketing initiatives (e.g., social media vs. blogging vs. email marketing, etc.) perform against one another, understand how well they're achieving their business goals, and identify return on investment of their online activities.
Prerequisites: CPT 1250, MKT 1010.

MKT 2520 — Special Studies in Marketing
2 Credit hours  

Integrates the knowledge gained, and skills developed, in prior course study. The focus of this capstone course is maximizing the impact of the marketing mix through marketing strategies.
Prerequisites: CPT 1250, MKT 1010, MKT 2000, MKT 2300.

The Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resource majors are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), 11520 West 119th Street, Overland Park, Kansas 66213.


To be eligible for the following Business Program certificates, a student must have received a grade of “C” or better for each course required for the certificate and completed all required courses within four years of applying for the certificate.

Applications for these certificates can be obtained in the Office of the Dean of Business, Technology & Public Service. Please do not apply for a certificate until you have completed all required courses with a grade of “C” or better.

Prerequisites may be required for courses listed for each certificate. Please consult the course description section of this college catalog or see your advisor.

Marketing Certificate 

AOT 1230 Business English I3
or COM 1160 Business Communications
CPT 1250Computer Applications in the Workplace3
CPT 1850Webpage Layout and Design3
or CPT 2700 Digital Video Editing
or CPT 2760 Animation
CPT 2650Creating and Editing Digital Images3
MKT 1010 Principles of Marketing3
MKT 1610Customer Service1
MKT 1620Public Relations1
MKT 1630Mobile Marketing1
MKT 2000Digital Marketing and Analytics3
MKT 2210 Comprehensive Sales Techniques3
MKT 2300Social Media and Mobile Marketing3
MGT 2010Organizational Behavior3
Total Hours30

Digital Marketing Certificate

MKT 1010 Principles of Marketing3
MKT 2000Digital Marketing and Analytics3
MKT 2300Social Media and Mobile Marketing3
CPT 1250Computer Applications in the Workplace3
CPT 2650Creating and Editing Digital Images3
CPT 1850Webpage Layout and Design3
or CPT 2700 Digital Video Editing
or CPT 2760 Animation
Total Hours18



See for additional information on certificates.