Digital Marketing and Media

Cara Hurd, MACC, Chair
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The Digital Marketing and Media Major is designed to provide hands-on education for individuals desiring to enter, advance or improve their skills in the growing fields of digital marketing and media.  This degree provides a broad base of marketing knowledge with an emphasis on cutting-edge digital and social media marketing skillsets.  The degree also focuses on hands-on technology and software skills that are critical in the fields of digital marketing and media.  Students have an opportunity to select from two different track specializations (Marketing or Media) while completing this degree.  (Please see below for additional details on these tracks.)  The track specializations provide an easy pathway for students to be able to double major in the Business Administration Degree or pick up additional related certificates.  Completion of the Digital Marketing and Media degree is an academic accomplishment that increases employment potential and can be an important stepping stone toward the attainment of a baccalaureate degree. This associate's degree can be earned fully online.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  1. Construct an integrated marketing strategy and plan incorporating the marketing mix.
  2. Create graphic and digital design layouts, websites, and videos focusing on user experience using industry standard software.
  3. Develop the ability to be a problem solver utilizing critical thinking skills as they apply to their chosen profession.
  4. Prepare written and oral communication in professional formats.
  5. Apply ethical and professional behavior while working as an individual and as part of a team.

Marketing Track (See Academic Plan tab for specific course details)

Students complete courses in communication, customer service, public relations, mobile marketing, sales techniques, video editing, and website development.  This track if for students who desire career positions as social media managers, public relations specialists, digital marketing associates, sales representatives, customer service representatives, and other challenging marketing-related jobs. 

Media Track (See Academic Plan tab for specific course details)

Students approach media from creative and technical perspectives. Students will take advantage of the latest software to design and produce advertisements and websites, create animation, edit digital pictures and digital video, and produce a variety of other media communication vehicles that meet the needs of the digital marketplace. This track is for students who desire career positions as website developers, publishers, illustrators, graphic designers, multimedia producers, social media managers, and digital marketing associates. Course content covers objectives for various certifications, including:

  • Adobe ACE Dreamweaver
  • Adobe ACE InDesign
  • Adobe ACE Photoshop
  • Adobe ACE Illustrator
  • Adobe ACE Animate
  • Adobe ACE After Effects
  • Adobe ACE Premiere Pro

Technical Standards
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Tech Prep Partner
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