Pre-Gaming Design Certificate

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Digital Media Technology Major

Web/Computer Programming Major

This Pre-Gaming Design certificate is for students interested in ultimately pursuing a degree in computer game design. The curriculum consists of introductory courses typically required by colleges that offer associate degrees in computer game design. For students planning to pursue a degree, college-level math and English courses are advisable. For students transferring after completion, consult with the four-year institution for transfer guidelines.

Technical Standards

See here for details.

CPT 1050 Technology Basics for IT Pro3
CPT 1120Introduction to VB Programming3
CPT 1580Introduction to Graphic Design and Layout3
CPT 1850Webpage Layout and Design3
CPT 2500iOS Mobile Applications Development3
CPT 2130JavaScript Programming3
CPT 2650Creating and Editing Digital Images3
CPT 2670Graphics Software and Applications3
CPT 2700Digital Video Editing3
EET 2320C# Programming3
Total Hours30

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