Agricultural Technology Certificate

Jean A. Wisuri, MA, Assistant Dean
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Office: 233 Keese Hall 

This certificate is designed for individuals engaged in a variety of agricultural-related businesses and careers. For those aspiring to learn more about sustainable farming or wish to become an Agriculture Technician, this is the ideal certificate.  According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), this in-demand career will experience significant growth and job demand in the near future.  This certificate includes classes in food science, sustainability, land surveying, soils, welding, fertilizer, pesticides, and safety.  The certificate includes the necessary training and preparation for individuals to obtain two third party certifications: OSHA 10 hour general safety and Fertilizer / Pesticide licensure through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. This curriculum is interrelated with Food Science and Civil Engineering Technology.

First Year
First SemesterHours
AGR 1000Introduction to Agriculture 3
CET 1220Construction Materials 3
AMT 1020Preventive Maintenance 2
CET 1910OSHA 10-hr General Safety 1
FST 1000Introduction to Food Science 3
 Term Hours12
Second Semester
AMT 1100Welding and Fabrication 3
CET 2220 Surveying Fundamentals 3
AGR 1200Sustainable Agriculture 3
ENV 1000 Introduction to EHS Technology 3
 Term Hours12
 Total Hours 24


AGR 1000 — Introduction to Agriculture
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to the various disciplines in the field of agriculture. Areas of focus will be Leadership, Biology, Soils, Foods, Plants, Animals, Natural Resources and Mechanics.

AGR 1100 — Principles of Agricultural Business Management
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the basic concepts and methods of business management in an agricultural business enterprise through a comparison of evolving management approaches, and through an examination of motivation, ethics, leadership, communication and decision-making processes within the management functions of planning, organizing, leasing and controlling. Past and present agricultural business situations are examined through events currently reported in the news media for the purpose of promoting the application of management principles, theories and techniques.

AGR 1200 — Sustainable Agriculture
3 Credit hours  

Provides comprehensive coverage to the theory and practice of transforming the field of agriculture into a more environmentally sound operation. Studies include a focus on plants, animals, soils, water, energy and efficiencies as they relate to today's modern agriculture operations.

AGR 1300 — Principles of Agricultural Marketing and Sales
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the fundamental principles, policies, structure and strategy of agricultural marketing and international trade. Development of a marketing plan, customer sales and service techniques. Digital marketing strategies related to branding and communication. Implications of world trade and political aspects of world food production.

AGR 2991 — Field Experience
1 Credit hour  

Enables work activity, which relates to an individual student's occupational objectives. The experience is coordinated by a faculty member of the college who assists the student in planning the experience, visits the site of the experience for a conference with the student and his/her supervisor during the semester and assigns the course grade to the student after appropriate consultation with the employer/supervisor and evaluation of related instruction. The course is graded S/U.
Corequisites: AGR 1000.