Advanced Nursing Assistant Certificate

Melissa Harvey, EdD, MSN, RN, CNE, Assistant Dean, Nursing Services
Phone: (419) 995-8347
Office: TL 120J

The Advanced Nursing Assistant (ANA) certificate gives students the ability to build advanced skills and training upon their Nurse Assistant Certificate (STNA) knowledge. Nursing Assistants are in high demand and those who have enhanced training and skills will become an asset to any healthcare facility. Upon completing the coursework associated with this certificate, the certified ANA would have an increased earning potential. The ANA certificate is embedded within the prerequisite semester for the Nursing curriculum to enable students to work part-time in a health care field while completing either the Practical Nursing (LPN) or Associate Degree (RN) Nursing program. It can also be a stand-alone certificate for job-ready employment. Additionally, this certificate can be used to meet technical requirements of the Associate degree in Health Care Technology.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, the student will be able to:

  1. Identify principles of patient-centered care across the lifespan.
  2. Understand effective and collaborative communication skills using research and writing.
  3. Understand the normal anatomy and physiology of the human body as it relates to health and wellness across the lifespan.
  4. Recognize the transition to college level learning and the rigors of nursing concepts and practice.
  5. Demonstrate advanced psychomotor skills required for entry into the nursing programs. 

Technical Standards
See here for details.