Tool and Die Certificate

Assistant Dean
Phone: (419) 995- 8372
Office: 121 JJC

The Tool and Die certificate is designed to prepare students for employment as a Tool and Die Maker or Machinist. The program provides the students with the related technical knowledge necessary to supplement on-the-job training. Experience gained from the program will be in the area of drafting and design, manufacturing processes and tooling elements. Jobs obtained from this certificate will be as a tool and die machinist or tool designer.

First Year
First SemesterHours
AMT 1091Safety 2
FMS 2210CAM/CNC Machining I 3
MET 1000Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD 4
MET 1010Blueprint Reading and Sketching 3
MET 2310Fluid Power 3
 Term Hours15
Second Semester
AMT 1100Welding and Fabrication 3
FMS 2220CAM/CNC Machining II 3
IMT 1190Tool and Die Technology 2
IMT 1195Tool and Die Troubleshooting 2
MET 1020Material Science 3
MTH 1210Mathematics I 3
 Term Hours16
 Total Hours 31