Cyber Security Certificate

Assistant Dean
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Office: 121 JJC

This Cybersecurity certificate is designed for the student who seeks to take on growing responsibilities for securing organizational data and network infrastructure against digital threats.  Students will build a deeper and broader knowledge of the tools and protocols needed to navigate, use, and manage security technologies.  This certificate provides technical and strategic knowledge to help the student fully leverage innovations while moving an organization from a reactive to a predictive approach to risk mitigation.  Students will also engage in conversations that will provide insight into the ethical, legal, and social dynamics of cybersecurity.    

Network Security Major

Technical Standards

See here for details.

CPT 1705 Cisco I - CCNA3
CPT 2540Computer and Network Security3
CPT 2545Scripting for Cybersecurity Professionals3
CPT 2550Cryptography and Encryption3
CPT 2555Network Forensics3
CPT 1940Introduction to Cybersecurity3
CPT 1945Introduction to the Internet of Things3
CPT 1950Security Awareness3
CPT 1955Firewall Essentials3
CPT 1715Cisco II - CCNA3
Total Hours30

See the Gainful Employment website for additional information on certificates.