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BHS 2120 — Introduction to Nursing

Credit Hours: 2.00

Total Contact Hours: 30.00

Lecture Hours: 1.00

Lab Hours: 2.00

Introduces students to the field of nursing. Students will learn about the History of Nursing, Scope of Practice/Law & Rule, Medical Ethics, Professionalism, Nursing Process, Health/Wellness, Communication, Time-Management and Prioritization, Evidence-Based Practice, and Clinical Judgment/Reasoning. Introductory skills of Vital signs, Intro to calculations, infection control, patient safety, Health Assessment, Sterile concepts, Medical Terminology, and Electronic Documentation. Students who successfully complete this course will be prepared to enter the first semester clinical course for the nursing programs. 'C' grade policy applies.


...Pre-requisite Semester BHS 2110 Growth and Development: Lifespan 2 BHS 2120 or NSG 1990...

Practical Nursing Certificate successfully completed within five years and BHS-2120 within two years of program entry...