Practical Nursing (PNS)

PNS 1201 — Fundamentals-Practical Nursing
8 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to the philosophy and the conceptual framework of the Practical Nursing Program. The six major concepts: Nursing Process, Human Development, Human Needs, Common Health Problems, Role of the Practical Nurse, and Caring Behaviors are discussed. Major emphasis is placed upon the development of an understanding of the fundamentals of nursing practice. Students are introduced to the role of the practical nurse and standards of nursing care, utilization of the nursing process for problem solving, observational assessment skills, communication techniques, effects of cultural and spiritual beliefs on health care principles of patient safety and infection control. In addition, the student develops and practices the psychomotor skills necessary for nursing. The nursing skills related to common health problems of medical and surgical patients are discussed. The student contributes to the nursing process in the clinical setting in order to assist the gerontological patient in meeting his/her needs. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: Acceptance into the program
Corequisites: PNS-1201C, PNS-1201L.

PNS 1202 — Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing
10 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to common health problems and nursing care related to the function of a variety of body systems including cardiovascular, neurological, hematological, respiratory, gastrointestinal, reproductive, sensory and endocrine. Intravenous therapy concepts are introduced and explored, which includes IV therapy skills. Supervised practice in the campus laboratory and clinical learning experiences occur in a variety of health care facilities and build upon previously acquired knowledge from PNS 1201 and related courses. Knowledge of pharmacological data about medications, administration of medications, and the role of the LPN in regards to mediation administration for commonly occurring health problems is emphasized. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: PNS 1201, COM 1110, BIO 1000 or BIO 1120, BHS 2110
Corequisites: PNS-1202C, PNS-1202L.

PNS 1203 — PN-Issues and Trends
1 Credit hour  

Explores a variety of issues related to the role of the practical nurse and changes in health care. Issues related to reimbursement methodologies, role of the Ohio Board of Nursing and other agencies, the impaired nurse, ethical and legal issues in health care, roles of the nurse in bio-terrorism events, QSEN, leadership and delegation are explored. The student develops a resume to be used upon completion of the program. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: COM 1110
Corequisites: PNS 1202.

PNS 1204 — Maternal Child Nursing
5 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to the principles of nursing care for newborns through the developing family. Emphasis is placed on the normal processes and common gynecological problems of pregnancy. Community services for the emerging family are introduced. In addition, common health problems of children are discussed. The student continues to apply knowledge from the basic health sciences to address human needs by contributing to the nursing process. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: PNS 1201, PNS 1202, BIO 1120, NSG 1721
Corequisites: PNS 1203, PSY 1010, PNS-1204C.