Administrative Office Tech (AOT)

AOT 1070 — Keyboarding/Document Formatting
4 Credit hours  

Facilitates good keyboard technique, centering data, business correspondence, tables, and reports and attainment of at least 35 NWPM on five-minute timings. Beginning demonstrated keyboarding skill of 25 NWPM on a five-minute timed writing is recommended. Provides an in-depth study of production of documents at the executive level. The student works in an office simulation integrating the formatting and word processing skills used within a variety of professional offices.
Corequisites: AOT-1060.

AOT 1230 — Business English I
3 Credit hours  

Reviews fundamentals of business English including punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization and number usage as they apply to proofreading for mailability. Students will practice writing effective sentences.

AOT 2640 — Spreadsheet Software and Applications
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheets program. Students will plan, create, and maintain electronic spreadsheets and apply them to common business and accounting functions. Concepts covered will include basic to advanced formulas and functions, creating customized charts, and managing Table data. Classwork will contribute to a portfolio.