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PNS 1204 — Maternal Child Nursing

Credit Hours: 5.00

Total Contact Hours: 127.50

Lecture Hours: 3.25

Lab Hours: 0.50

Clinical/Other Hours: 9.00

Introduces the student to the principles of nursing care for newborns through the developing family. Emphasis is placed on the normal processes and common gynecological problems of pregnancy. Community services for the emerging family are introduced. In addition, common health problems of children are discussed. The student continues to apply knowledge from the basic health sciences to address human needs by contributing to the nursing process. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: PNS 1201, PNS 1202, BIO 1120, NSG 1721
Corequisites: PNS 1203, PSY 1010, PNS 1204C.