Real Estate (RST)

RST 1020 — Real Estate Practice & Appraisal
4 Credit hours  4 Contact hours

Introduces real estate designed for those interested in entering the real estate field as a salesperson and covers the general background knowledge of real estate law terminology, practice, and procedures. This course will also cover definitions and terminology of real estate appraising, analyzing the real estate market, and explaining the appraisal process. Basic determination to an estimate of value using cost, income, and market approaches as well as the mechanics of inspecting, measuring improvements, and cost estimating will be covered.

RST 1120 — Real Estate Law & Finance
4 Credit hours  4 Contact hours

Focuses on the areas of law pertinent to real estate sales. Emphasis is on the laws of property, agency, conveyance, zoning, licensure, and classification of types of estates. This course will also explore the financial aspects of real estate with primary consideration being toward the fundamentals of mortgage banking; sources of funds for mortgage lending; loan application procedures; processing, inspection, and appraisal of collateral; attracting new business; investing; and the effects of governmental monetary and fiscal policies.

RST 1900 — Real Estate Independent Study
1-3 Credit hours  1-3 Contact hours

Allows students the opportunity to student individually in the areas of Real Estate Practice, Appraisal, Law, and Finance. Students will attend relevant class sessions and complete relevant coursework related to these topics in either RST 1020 or RST 1120.