Sterile Processing (STP)

STP 1000 — Sterile Processing I

Credit Hours: 3.00   Total Contact Hours: 4.00   Lecture Hours: 2.00   Lab Hours: 2.00  

Introduces students to the principles, techniques and issues in the surgical and sterile processing environment. Topics include, sterile technique, packaging and wrapping techniques, sterilization methods, basic surgical instruments, basic microbiology, and hospital equipment identification.

STP 1200 — Sterile Processing II

Credit Hours: 2.00   Total Contact Hours: 2.00   Lecture Hours: 2.00  

Offers advanced principles of inventory control, materials management, information technology, and quality control systems integral to the Sterile Processing department in health-care facilities. Introduces specialty surgical instrumentation and patient care equipment.
Prerequisites: STP 1000
Corequisites: STP 1207.

STP 1207 — Directed Practice For Sterile Processing

Credit Hours: 6.00   Total Contact Hours: 30.00   Lecture Hours: 30.00  

Provides 'hands on' experience in a clinical environment to assist in integration of all concepts basic to the field of Sterile Processing. Students will participate in all areas of the Sterile Processing department to include decontamination, instrument set preparation, sterilization, case cart preparation, business technologies for storage and distribution, and quality control and monitoring processes. This course meets the required hours needed for the Certified Registered Central Service Technician (CRCST) exam.
Prerequisites: STP 1000
Corequisites: STP 1200.