Environmental, Health & Safety Concentration

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Environmental, Health & Safety Concentration

Associate of Science Degree

Structured Course Sequence (4 Semester Plan)

First Year
First SemesterHours
BIO 1090Concepts in Biology 4
COM 1110 English Composition 3
CPT 1250Computer Applications in the Workplace 3
MTH 1370College Algebra 4
SOC 1010 Sociology 3
SDE 1010 First Year Experience 1
 Term Hours18
Second Semester
BIO 1400Microbiology 4
COM 1140Technical Writing 3
ENV 1210Environmental Laws and Regulations 3
HST 2300Technology and Civilization 3
MTH 1430Trigonometry 3
 Term Hours16
CHM 1110Introductory General Chemistry 4
ENV 1000 Introduction to EHS Technology 3
ENV 2500OSHA 40-hr Training 2
 Term Hours9
Second Year
First Semester
COM 2110Public Speaking 3
COM 2400Composition and Literature 3
CHM 1120Introductory Organic and Biochemistry 4
ENV 2400Properties of HAZMAT 3
HST 1610 American History to 1877 3
 Term Hours16
Second Semester
COM 1200Writing in the Sciences 3
ECN 1410Macro Economics 3
ENV 2970   AS EHS Capstone Project 1
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3
SOC 1320American Cultural Diversity 3
 Term Hours13
 Total Hours 72

Portfolio course

Capstone course

Course Electives

Social and Behavioral Sciences (12 Credits)

ANT 2411Cultural Anthropology (TAG)3
ECN 1410Macro Economics (TAG)3
ECN 1430Micro Economics (TAG)3
POL 1010Introduction to Political Science3
PSY 1010 General Psychology (OTM/TAG)3
PSY 1730Abnormal Psychology (OTM/TAG)3
PSY 2150Lifespan Psychology (OTM/TAG)3
PSY 2200Social Psychology (OTM/TAG)3
PSY 2301Educational Psychology (OTM/TAG)3
SOC 1010 Sociology (OTM/TAG)3
SOC 1200Death and Dying (OTM)3
SOC 1210Family Sociology (OTM/TAG)3
SOC 1320American Cultural Diversity (OTM/TAG)3
SOC 2211World Religions: History, Belief, and Practice (OTM)3
SOC 2300Social Problems (OTM/TAG)3

Arts and Humanities (9 Credits)

COM 1801Creative Writing: Fiction3
COM 2110Public Speaking (OTM/TAG)3
HST 1011Western Civilization I (OTM/TAG)3
HST 1012Western Civilization II (OTM/TAG)3
HST 1610 American History to 1877 (OTM/TAG)3
HST 1620American History Since 1877 (OTM/TAG)3
HST 2300Technology and Civilization3
HST 2510History of Latin America3
LIT 2210Introduction to Literature (OTM)3
LIT 2215Native American Literature (OTM)3
LIT 2227Literature of Graphic Novels (OTM)3
LIT 2250The American Short Story (OTM)3
LIT 2260Fantasy Literature (OTM/TAG)3
LIT 2301British Literature I (OTM)3
LIT 2305Introduction to Shakespeare (OTM)3
LIT 2310Literature and the Holocaust (OTM)3
LIT 2450Themes in Literature and Film (OTM)3
PHL 1011Introduction to Philosophy3
THR 1010Introduction to Theatre (OTM)3

Mathematics (6-10 Credits)

MTH 1190Finite Mathematics/Business (OTM)3
MTH 1260Statistics (OTM)3
MTH 1370College Algebra (OTM)4
MTH 1430Trigonometry (OTM)3
MTH 1611Business Calculus (OTM)5
MTH 1711Calculus I (OTM)5
MTH 1721Calculus II (OTM)5
MTH 2660Calculus III (OTM/TAG)4
MTH 2670Differential Equations (OTM/TAG)4
MTH 2680Elementary Linear Algebra (OTM/TAG)4

Information Literacy (3 Credits)

CPT 1250Computer Applications in the Workplace3

Sciences (8 Credits)

CHM 1110Introductory General Chemistry (OTM)4
CHM 1120Introductory Organic and Biochemistry (OTM)4
PHY 1120Physics I (OTM/TAG)4
PHY 1130Physics II (OTM/TAG)4
BIO 1090Concepts in Biology (OTM)4
BIO 1400Microbiology (OTM)4
BIO 1110Anatomy and Physiology I (OTM)4
BIO 1120Anatomy and Physiology II (OTM)4
BIO 2121Introduction to Human Genetics (OTM)4
GLG 1000Physical Geology (OTM/TAG)4

English Composition and Literature (6 Credits)

COM 1110 English Composition (OTM)3
COM 1140Technical Writing (OTM)3
COM 1160Business Communications (OTM/TAG)3
COM 1200Writing in the Sciences (OTM)3
COM 2213Verbal Judo (OTM)3
COM 2400Composition and Literature (OTM)3

Other Approved Course Electives

ACC 1010Corporate Accounting Principles (TAG)4
ACC 1020 Managerial Accounting Principles (TAG)4
Medical Terminology
BHS 1390Medical Terminology (TAG)2
BUS 2100Business Law (TAG)3
Electronic Engineering Technology
EET 1110Circuit Analysis I (TAG)3
EET 1130Electronics (TAG)4
Human Service
HUM 1111 Introduction to Social Work (TAG)3
Mechanical Engineering Design
MET 1000Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD (TAG)4
Mechanical Engineering Technology
MET 1020Material Science (TAG)3
MET 2210Strength of Materials (TAG)3
MKT 1010 Principles of Marketing (TAG)3
SPN 1010Beginning Spanish Language I (TAG)3
SPN 1020Beginning Spanish Language II (TAG)3
SPN 2010Intermediate Spanish I (TAG)3
SPN 2020Intermediate Spanish II (TAG)3

Other Requirements

BIO 2820   Associate of Science Capstone1
SDE 1010 First Year Experience1

Portfolio Course

Capstone Course