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CET 2970 — Civil Engineering Technology Capstone   

Credit Hours: 2.00   Total Contact Hours: 4.00   Lecture Hours: 4.00  

Allows students to demonstrate their proficiency by integrating technical knowledge with core skills and abilities. This course is designed to combine all of the material presented thus far and relate it to a real life engineering design and construction experience. The students will be presented a design and construction task and be required to complete the project on a scheduled time-line. Relevant content will be a collection of topics including aggregate material & soils data, concrete mix designs, material and additives, concrete field and lab testing, topography surveying, pavement analysis & design (rigid & flexible), computer drafting and estimating. Each project will have a final oral presentation showing the students communication skills including the use of PowerPoint in the presentation. By design, this is a capstone course so no new material will be presented in this class. The course will include an e-portfolio assignment and an exit evaluation of critical thinking and writing.
Prerequisites: CET 1220, CET 1450, CET 2210, COM 1110.