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CET 1450 — Concrete Technology I

Credit Hours: 4.00

Total Contact Hours: 50.00

Lecture Hours: 3.00

Lab Hours: 2.00

Provides an introductory understanding of base materials such as stone, gravel, sand, water, types of cement, and ASTM type additives A through F. In addition, air entrainment agents as well as Pozzlanic type additives such as nylon, polypropylene, and still will also be covered. Construction quality of building: (a) foundations, (b) walls, (c) frames, and (d) floors will be covered. In addition, construction of bridge foundations, sub-and superstructures, and architecturally designed concrete slabs and concrete pavements will be addressed. Joint construction, vibration considerations of concrete, texture and smoothness, placement of reinforcements, drainage considerations (edge drains), and segregation of the mix will also be covered. Balancing material production with trucking and placement will be taught. Types of equipment plant to finished work will be included as well as the effects of climatic conditions on construction.
Prerequisites: CET 1220.