Marketing (MKT)

MKT 1010 — Principles of Marketing
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the essentials of marketing. The environments of marketing, the nature of the consumption forces in the economy, the institutional structure of the American marketing system, distribution, wholesaling and retailing, ultimate consumers and industrial consumers and pricing are studied in detail.
Transfer: TAG
Corequisites: ECN 1430.

MKT 1600 — Customer Relations and Public Relations
3 Credit hours  

Examines customer service methods and public relations tools and techniques, supplementary to advertising and personal selling. Emphasis is placed on the integration of all marketing communications to achieve organizational objectives. Students learn about the trends in business toward a service culture; how to develop communication skills, how to encourage loyalty, how to deal with difficult situation, and the role of public relations in marketing.

MKT 2000 — Internet and Social Media Marketing
3 Credit hours  

Explores marketing strategies and tactics for the internet marketplace. Search engines, online advertising, web analytics, e-mail marketing, and social media will be utilized to build brand awareness and contribute to an integrated marketing communication campaign. An online advertising simulation program is used to provide hands on experience to build online presence and better internet usage for a business.

MKT 2110 — Advertising and Sales Promotion
3 Credit hours  

Examines and studies advertising and sales promotion including history and development of advertising, preparation of the ad, selection of media, budgeting for advertising, research and direct-mail marketing. The fundamentals of sales promotion are discussed. Emphasis is placed on increasing sales through advertising and sales.
Transfer: TAG
Prerequisites: MKT 1010.

MKT 2210 — Comprehensives Sales Technique
3 Credit hours  

Examines and studies the principles of professional selling including its historical and economic aspects; the selling processes; types of selling; personal selling as a communicative and promotional element in the marketing of goods and services; pre-sale essentials; pre-sale planning; the selling formula; salesmanship at work and self management. This comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of persuasive selling covers every phase of salesmanship from finding a prospect to closing. The course is designed to instill a feeling of confidence, a positive mental attitude and provide competence in the field of sales. Role playing techniquest and a video camera and recorder for student sales demonstrations are utilized.
Prerequisites: COM 2110, MKT 1010.

MKT 2520 — Special Studies in Marketing
2 Credit hours  

Integrates the knowledge gained, and skills developed, in prior course study. The focus of this capstone course is maximizing the impact of the marketing mix through marketing strategies. The course requires the use of marketing information from primary and secondary sources, and the interpretation of such information. Emphasizing the significance of marketing plans, course requirements include students' selection, research, and development of one specialized element of marketing planning as a capstone project. This capstone course is offered once per academic year and prerequisites are enforced.
Prerequisites: MKT 1010, MKT 2210.