Administrative Office Tech (AOT)

AOT 1060 — Keyboarding Accuracy and Speed
2 Credit hours  

Promotes the development of keyboarding accuracy and then speed building. Mis-stroke analysis and prescriptions are used to target individual keyboarding weaknesses. Students use speed sprints, progressive progress, and 5-minute timed writings to progressively build keyboarding skill. Touch keyboarding experience and correct fingering techniques are required.

AOT 1070 — Keyboarding/Document Formatting
4 Credit hours  

Facilitates good keyboard technique, centering data, business correspondence, tables, and reports and attainment of at least 35 NWPM on five-minute timings. Beginning demonstrated keyboarding skill of 25 NWPM on a five-minute timed writing is recommended. Provides an in-depth study of production of documents at the executive level. The student works in an office simulation integrating the formatting and word processing skills used within a variety of professional offices.
Corequisites: AOT 1060.

AOT 1230 — Business English I
3 Credit hours  

Reviews fundamentals of business English including punctuation, grammar, spelling, capitalization and number usage as they apply to proofreading for mailability. Students will practice writing effective sentences.

AOT 1300 — Special Topics in Administrative Office Techniques
1 Credit hour  

Explores current topics in Administrative Office Technology. This allows students to explore material outside of the regular course offerings.

AOT 1500 — Computer Presentation Software
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to Microsoft PowerPoint, a software program that helps students organize and present information to an audience. Students will enhance computer-based slide presentations with pictures, charts, sound and video via audience handouts speakers notes, outline pages, and alternative digital formats. Class work will contribute to a portfolio. Recommends either CPT 1250, or basic computer and word processing knowledge prior to enrolling in this course.

AOT 1650 — Word Processing Software
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to Microsoft Word, word processing software processing software package. The student will be able to create, format, save and print Word documents. Other topics covered are using customized features, moving text within and between documents, adding special features to documents and enhancing the visual display of documents with graphic features.

AOT 2000 — Office Production and Procedures
4 Credit hours  

Utilizes an office simulation to integrate previously learned skills in the preparation, organization and keyboarding of materials and correspondence commonly encountered in the office. Emphasis is placed on following directions, organizing work, composing correspondence, making decisions, thinking critically, proofreading carefully, and producing mailable content and attainment of at least 45 NWPM on five-minute timings. The full use of technology including software and e-mail is expected. Class work will contribute to a portfolio.
Prerequisites: AOT 1070, AOT 1650.

AOT 2090 — Electronic Health Records and Procedures
3 Credit hours  

Develops skills in building and posting to patient files, making and canceling appointments, entering and printing hospital rounds and reports, patient and insurance billing, posting payments and adjustments and generating aging reports using computer-based medical office software. This course is also designed to introduce students to the electronic health record (EHR) through practical applications and guided exercises. Students will have a working knowledge of the history, theory, benefits, and skills of EHR through guided and critical thinking exercises.
Corequisites: BIO 1000 or BIO 1110.

AOT 2260 — Professional Development
2 Credit hours  

Serves as a finishing course to help the student develop the personal qualities, techniques and attitudes needed both to find a good position and to be successful on the job. It covers (but is not limited to) such diverse areas as job search, dress and grooming, wellness, ethics, group dynamics and cultural diversity. A portfolio will be compiled.
Prerequisites: AOT 1070.

AOT 2280 — Business English II
3 Credit hours  

Emphasizes and applies the fundamentals of business English including punctuation, grammar, spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure as they apply to the original composition of letters, reports and memos. Listening and speaking skills will be covered. Class work will contribute to a portfolio.
Prerequisites: AOT 1070, AOT 1230.

AOT 2640 — Spreadsheet Software and Applications
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to Microsoft Excel, an electronic spreadsheets program. Students will plan, create, and maintain electronic spreadsheets and apply them to common business and accounting functions. Concepts covered will include basic to advanced formulas and functions, creating customized charts, and managing Table data. Classwork will contribute to a portfolio.

AOT 2650 — Database Software and Applications
3 Credit hours  

Introduces the student to Microsoft Access, an electronic database program. Students will create, manipulate and maintain databases, and generate queries and reports. Concepts covered include creating fields and customizing field properties, creating and customizing tables, queries, forms, and reports. Class work will contribute to a portfolio.

AOT 2991 — Practicum
1 Credit hour  

Provides application of theoretical concepts to practical applications within the occupational field of office administration. This course will require 105 hours of work for the semester in a practicum and participation in a two hour online seminar and capstone course.
Prerequisites: COM 1110, AOT 2000, Faculty Advisor approval.
Corequisites: AOT 2992.

AOT 2992 — Seminar
2 Credit hours  

Incorporates skills used in the practicum setting with skills learned through academic experiences in the program. Students will share and critically assess their practicum experiences. Class taken in conjunction with the practicum, AOT 2991, course.
Prerequisites: COM 1110, AOT 2000 and approval of Office Administration Faculty Member.
Corequisites: AOT 2991.