Nutrition and Food Management (DTN)

DTN 1000 — Basic Nutrition
2 Credit hours  

Provides opportunities to increase knowledge and understanding of basic nutrition concepts. Emphasis is on nutrients and the varied needs of individuals during the life cycle. Application of nutrition concepts to daily life should enable students to make decisions for healthful nutrition for self and others. Students are introduced to the principles and practices of basic nutritional screening. This course cannot be substituted for DTN 1220 Principles of Nutrition. "C" grade policy applies.
Transfer: TAG.

DTN 1011 — Medical Nutrition Therapy
4 Credit hours  

Defines the basic concepts of medical nutrition therapy in long term and acute care settings. Covers the rationale for therapeutic diets for various acute and chronic disease states. Also includes the basic understanding of diabetes, exchange system and menu planning, calculation of energy, protein, and fluid needs and the reason for facility diet manuals. Includes a review of basic organ systems and how their relationship to disease states and diet restrictions. This course a laboratory component. "C" grade policy applies.
Corequisites: DTN-1011L.

DTN 1021 — Food Service Management
3 Credit hours  

Includes evaluation of meal service, review of various food service systems and a review of the quality management process. Course emphasizes the manager role in agency surveys and plan of corrective action for food service establishments. Standardized food recipes, use in food service and conversion of recipes as well as the forecasting of food productions will be covered. Student must complete ServSafe certification or have a current certificate. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: DTN 1000, DTN 1011, BHS 1390.

DTN 1031 — Clinical Experience
2 Credit hours  

Provides hands-on experience in the areas of health care and commercial food service. "C" Grade Policy applies.
Prerequisites: DTN 1000, DTN 1011, BHS 1390, MGT 1010, MGT 2000
Corequisites: DTN 1021.

DTN 1220 — Principles of Nutrition
2 Credit hours  

Studies each major class of nutrients as it relates to the maintenance of health. The emphasis is on the functions of each nutrient and the specific nutrient requirements to maintain health and prevent disease. Food composition of each specific nutrient to maintain health and prevent disease. Food composition of each specific nutrient is stressed. Students are introduced to the basic energy calculations, exchange system, food guides, and the basic issue of weight control.