Change of Program

A student may change a major or program by completing a Change of Major form in the Office of Advising.

  1. Changes in major/program should begin with an advisor-student conference.  The student will be given a major change form to complete.  Once completed, the form should be returned to the Office of Advising for processing.
  2. The student should meet with the Division Dean or Chair of the new program to determine if any prior coursework will apply toward graduation in the new major or program.
  3. Graduation requirements for the new major/program are those listed in the catalog at the time the change in major was made.  Graduation requirements listed in a separate section of this catalog may supersede these requirements.
  4. Students with transfer credit should request another transcript evaluation based on their new major.

Major/Program Change with Grade Point Average Adjustment

The College realizes that a student may have made an inappropriate selection of program or major, which often results in the student experiencing academic difficulty. 

A student may change from one major or program to another and have his/her grade point average adjusted, provided that:

  1. The student has not previously exercised the Major Change with GPA Adjustment option.
  2. The student has had a conference with an academic advisor to review the requirements for the new major and to explain the reason(s) for the first difficulty and how success will occur in the new major or program.  
  3. The course(s) would not apply to the new major or have counted in a previous degree.  These courses are typically those with a General Education or Basic Related designation.  Rhodes State College courses, which are no longer available (and/or courses which are elective in nature), are eligible for consideration. 
  4. The Dean of Student Services, Dean of Academic Affairs, and the Division Dean of the new major/program approve the request.  

Note: Current Financial Aid Status may not change as a result of the adjustment.