Change of Program

A student may change a major or program by working with a staff advisor to complete a Major Revision form.

  1. Changes in major/program should begin with a staff advisor-student conference. 
  2. The student should meet with a staff advisor to review their plans and determine if any prior coursework will apply toward graduation in the new major or program. The advisor will complete the Major Revision form and submit it to the Records Office.
  3. Graduation requirements for the new major/program are those listed in the catalog when the change in major was made.  Graduation requirements listed in a separate section of this catalog may supersede these requirements.
  4. Students with transfer credit should request another transcript evaluation based on their new major.

Grade Point Average (GPA) Adjustment after Major Change

The GPA Adjustment After Major Change is designed to help students who may have selected a major that is not suited to their goals, and this recognition may have come after experiencing academic difficulty. By excluding the grades of C-, D+, D, and E from courses not required in the new major, the student's cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) will increase. 

To be eligible for the GPA Adjustment After Major Change, a student must:

  1. be in academic difficulty, demonstrated by a cumulative GPA of less than 2.0 or below the required threshold for entry into a selective program.
  2. have not previously exercised a GPA Adjustment After Major Change or a Fresh Start GPA Adjustment.
  3. have a conference with a staff advisor to review to determine eligibility.  
  4. have earned a semester GPA of 2.0 or higher in six or more credit hours completed after the major change.
  5. be enrolled at the College during the semester in which the petition is filed.

Additional Guidelines:

  1. This adjustment does not apply to:
    1. Developmental courses.
    2. General Education or Basic Related courses that will apply to the new program.
    3. Courses counted toward a previous degree/certificate.
  2. Rhodes State College courses that are no longer available (and/or courses that are elective in nature) are eligible for consideration, as are courses with an OSU designation.
  3. The original record of each course, including the associated grade, remains on the official transcript.
  4. Students may only petition for a GPA adjustment once during their enrollment at Rhodes State College.
  5. A student receiving a Fresh Start GPA Adjustment is ineligible for a GPA Adjustment after Major Change.
  6. GPA Adjustment after Major Change is independent of financial aid regulations. Federal, state, and institutional financial aid requirements will apply. Billing and debt requirements associated with previous enrollment are not intended to be resolved by granting a GPA Adjustment after Major Change or Fresh Start GPA Adjustment. Therefore, a Fresh Start applicant should consult the Office of Financial Aid for guidance regarding federal, state, and institutional financial aid programs and the Business Office for an outstanding balance, billing, and payment plan information.