College Policies

For a full list of College Policies and Procedures please see the website.

Anti-Hazing Policy
The College holds students, staff, and faculty accountable for their behavior both on and off-campus and addresses behavior that is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct (4.01) and the Disciplinary Action and Due Process (5.5). This Anti-Hazing Policy applies to all staff, faculty, students, student organizations, and student groups and is effective from matriculation to commencement, including breaks in the academic year. This Policy applies to conduct that occurs on or off-campus, between two or more people who are affiliated with the College, or any student or other organization associated with the College. This Policy also applies to volunteers acting in an official capacity that advise or coach student organizations and/or student groups and who have direct contact with students.

Freedom of Expression
Rhodes State College is dedicated to the advancement and transmission of knowledge for its students, faculty, staff and others.  The College, therefore, is committed to freedom of inquiry and expression in fostering personal discovery and development through teaching, learning, research, discussion, and publication.  To maintain an environment where everyone feels valued and respected the College maintains a Freedom of Inquiry and Expression Policy. In addition, the College complies with Ohio R.C. 3345.0212 ( and the required Freedom of Expression report. Additional information can be found at

Student Code of Conduct
The Code applies to the conduct of students, with or without accommodations. College student organizations, clubs, athletic teams, and the student members or participants are also expected to abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Disciplinary action may be taken against the organization as a whole, individual members of the organization, or both.