Student Activities & Athletics

Rhodes State College recognizes the value in taking a holistic approach to the development of the whole student.

Student Engagement, First Year Programs and Recreational Sports offers programming that is diverse in nature and aims to contribute to overall student development outside of the classroom.  These programs are designed to keep different learning styles in mind by offering various methods of engagement.  These activities vary each semester depending on scheduling, student feedback, and current events. 

Student Engagement & First Year Programs

The Office of Student Engagement & First Year Programs offers a variety of social, cultural, philanthropic, and informational events each semester including concerts, crafts, novelty items, and free food giveaways.  These events vary in on-campus, virtual, and make-or-take settings. Major events to look forward to include Welcome Day, Spring Fling, Break the Silence Week, and Cultural Food Tours.  Activities and events are included in the Student Scoop newsletter delivered twice a month through student email, social media, or Canvas.

Student Clubs and Organizations

Students are invited to explore opportunities to participate in clubs and organizations offered at Rhodes State College.  Student organizations exist to meet the interests of students whether through educational associations such as the Student Dental Hygiene Association or through special interests such as the Creative Writing Club.

First Year Programs

The Office of First Year Programs (FYP) is all about new student success holding a strict “no silly questions” attitude and are here to help new students find their way at Rhodes State. FYP runs Orientation to ensure new students are prepared for the start of their first semester and plans additional workshops and events to assist in navigating college life. The Peer Mentors also work out of FYP and are fellow Rhodes State students who are available to talk with new students about their college experience. Students can stay up to date by checking out the FYP Corner of the Student Scoop newsletter or by visiting the Coordinator of First Year Programs in PS Building 141.

For more information about activities available at Rhodes State College, visit the Office of Student Engagement & First Year Programs in the Public Service Building, Room 140.

Recreational Sports

Students interested in athletic and recreational programs in a leisure setting are encouraged to get involved with intramural activities. The Recreational Sports Office is located on the first floor of Cook Hall. The College offers several intramural activities including volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, bowling, whiffle ball, soccer, and flag football. Each sport has a regular season and a tournament for the championship. Campus recreation also provides outdoor adventure programming; ski/snowboarding, kayaking/paddleboarding, hiking and backpacking.