Student Activities & Athletics

Rhodes State College provides opportunities for extra-curricular activities, social events, and intramural programs. Rhodes State College students are encouraged to participate in any of the following activities on campus.

Intramural and Recreational Programs

Students interested in athletic and recreational programs in a leisure setting are encouraged to get involved with intramural activities. The Recreational Sports Office is located on the first floor of Cook Hall. The College offers several intramural activities including: volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, bowling, whiffle ball, soccer, and flag football. Each sport has a regular season and a tournament for the championship.

Student Engagement & Activities

The Office of Student Engagement & Activities offers opportunities to interact with and educate students outside of the classroom. A variety of social, cultural, philanthropic and informational events are held each semester and may include concerts, crafts, novelty items, free-food-giveaways, and other events regularly scheduled throughout the semesters.  Major events to look forward to include Welcome Day, Spring Fling, Break the Silence Week, and Cultural Food Tours.

Student Clubs and Organizations

While enrolled at Rhodes State, students can partake in clubs and organizations.  There are numerous benefits to getting involved including gaining leadership skills, participating in regional and national conferences, networking, and working with classmates who share similar interests. For more information about clubs, organizations, or activities available at Rhodes State College, visit the Office of Student Engagement and Activities in the Public Service Building, Room 221.