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RES 1120 — Pulmonary Diagnostics 3 Credit hours  2 Contact hours

Includes a survey of the many types of tests used to diagnose and treat illness in the field of respiratory care. Included will be the principles and techniques used in the measurement and interpretation of Pulmonary Function Studies. Acid-based physiology and factors determining normal and abnormal blood gases as well as interpretation and application of the results will also be covered. Hemodynamics and other types of critical care monitoring will be introduced and explained as they pertain to the critical care respiratory patient. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: RES 1010, RES 1090, RES 1110
Corequisites: RES 1020, RES 1020L, RES 1120L, RES 1410.

Respiratory Care

Pamela Halfhill, MS, Chair Phone: (419) 995-8366 Email: Office: TL 102E

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