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RES 1110 — Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology 4 Credit hours  3 Contact hours

Study in depth the structure and function of the human pulmonary and cardiovascular systems, with particular implications for the respiratory care professional will be discussed. The characteristics and theories of chemical laws, theories of gas behavior, and hemodynamic principles will be thoroughly examined and explored. The basis of oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, diffusion, and gas flow within the human body will be covered, as well as basic cardiac electrocardiogram analysis and interpretation. The laboratory portion of this course will focus on hands on application and real world implications of the topics covered in lecture. Students will be permitted to explore and learn more about human pulmonary and cardiac anatomy and physiology through the use of anatomical models, interactive demonstrations, human patient simulator models, and cadavers. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BHS 1000
Corequisites: RES 1010, RES 1010L, RES 1090, RES 1110L.

Respiratory Care

Pamela Halfhill, MS, Chair Phone: (419) 995-8366 Email: Office: TL 102E

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