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OTA 2130 — OTA Therapeutic Procedures II

Credit Hours: 4.00   Total Contact Hours: 7.50   Lecture Hours: 2.00   Lab Hours: 3.00   Clinical/Other Hours: 2.50  

Focuses on cognitive/perceptual, neurological, rehabilitative and related frames of reference as applicable to the adult and elderly population, while also incorporating previously learned knowledge and intervention techniques to provide for the total needs of the patient. Standardized assessments and practical applications for the intervention of cognitive/perceptual and neurological dysfunctions are introduced and emphasized. Focus on traditional and modern theories related to motor control and learning for neurological dysfunction and application of the rehabilitative approach specific to this population will allow students to develop skills for treatment intervention. Specialty areas related to these theories including driver re-education, and treatment interventions for other conditions common to the adult and elderly population will be studied. Examined will be normal development, health and wellness, sexuality and continence in the aging population, as well as, ethical concerns and working with families and caregivers of elders. Regulation of public policy and reimbursement issues will be studied at more in-depth levels. Students are expected to build upon previously learned theories and knowledge regarding documentation. Therapeutic use of self, activity analysis, use of evidence for treatment to be at a proficient level. Level I Fieldwork continues with neurological focus. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: OTA 1060, OTA 1141.