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OTA 1060 — Human Anatomy and Pathology II 2 Credit hours  1 Contact hour

Continues the study of human anatomy as it relates to the field of occupational therapy. Focus is on the cardiopulmonary, neurological, respiratory, endocrine, and integument systems specific to the human while engaged in occupation. Common diseases and pathology of these systems and their medical/pharmacological diagnostic and treatment procedures will be studied. Also discussed are the effects of heritable diseases and predisposing genetic conditions, pathophysiology, immunopathology, and infection. The student will work with others to discover the effects of aging, stress, pain, and inactivity on well-being. Critical thinking will be developed related to the impact of disease on occupational performance to the individual, family and society; and the use of occupation for the promotion of health/prevention of disease. Team work will be utilized to analyze the impact of disease on areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, activity demands, contexts and client factors and to develop appropriate treatment planning based on this impact utilizing evidence-based practice. The teaching- learning process, interview techniques, literature review professional behavior and public speaking skills will be refined and utilized throughout. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: OTA 1030, OTA 1050, BIO 1120
Corequisites: OTA 1140, OTA-1060L.