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OTA 1141 — OTA Therapeutic Procedures I

Credit Hours: 4.00   Total Contact Hours: 9.00   Lecture Hours: 2.00   Lab Hours: 4.50   Clinical/Other Hours: 2.50  

Involves the application of basic functional anatomy and an in-depth analysis of human motion. Theories, models and frames of reference related to the biomechanical, rehabilitative and occupational performance approaches are examined. Focus is on treatment interventions related to range of motion, strength, endurance, edema control, hand-use, coordination and sensation. Treatment principles specific to orthopedic injuries, burns and surgical repairs including standard protocols and precautions will be discussed and applied. More in-depth study and application of screening/standardized assessments specific to this area will occur and the student will learn to critically analyze activity relative to occupations and the OTPF domain areas. Developed will be the ability to utilize physical agent modalities for common clinical conditions, as well as, splinting, utilization of orthotics and training in the use of prosthetics. Also emphasized will be a variety of functional activities, utilization of adaptive/assistive equipment and compensatory as well as remedial techniques, and ergonomics/return to work issues. Skills related to therapeutic use of self, professional behaviors, activity analysis, grading and adapting activity and occupation, documentation, and the use of evidence for treatment planning will be further developed. Level I fieldwork begins with biomechanical and activity focus. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BIO 1120, OTA 1021, OTA 1030, OTA 1050
Corequisites: OTA 1060.