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OTA 1030 — Therapeutic Activities and Occupations

Credit Hours: 2.00   Total Contact Hours: 3.00   Lecture Hours: 1.00   Lab Hours: 2.00  

Examines the use of activity and occupation as therapeutic intervention. Students will be introduced to the tools and terminology for analysis of activity relative to areas of occupation, performance skills, performance patterns, activity demands, contexts, client factors and the interaction/significance of these areas. Emphasized will be the meaning and dynamics of occupation and activity, the profession's history relative to the use of activity, models of practice/frames of reference and the use of evidence to guide clinical reasoning. Students will experience a variety of crafts and creative media that can be used in therapy and gain skills for using the teaching-learning process. Introduced will be the ability to grade and adapt the environment, tools, materials, and tasks based on the changing needs of the client, as well as, documentation relative to this specific aspect of occupational therapy. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BHS 1000 with a 'B-' or better, BHS 1390 with a 'C' or better, BIO 1110 with a 'C' or better, COM 1110 with a 'C' or better, MTH 1151 or MTH 1260 with a 'C' or better
Corequisites: OTA 1021, OTA 1050.