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MAT 2520 — Capstone for Medical Assisting      

Credit Hours: 2.00

Total Contact Hours: 20.00

Lecture Hours: 2.00

Provides assessment of medical assisting knowledge presented in a capstone experience. Students will demonstrate their proficiency by integrating technical knowledge with core skills and abilities. Through discussion boards, roundtable discussions, psychomotor demonstrations and various other learning modalities, the student will demonstrate their core skills and abilities that have reinforced throughout the program. All required courses must have been successfully completed or must be taken concurrently. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: MAT 2320
Corequisites: MAT 2510.

Radiographic Imaging (Radiography)

...such as DHY, EMS, MAT, NSG, OTA, PNS...I - Radiography and RAD 2520 Clinical Education IV...