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MAT 2510 — Medical Assisting Clinical (Practicum)

Credit Hours: 2.00

Total Contact Hours: 100.00

Lecture Hours: 10.00

Provides participation in a 160 hour non-reimbursed, on-the-job, supervised clinical (practicum) in an ambulatory healthcare medical facility. This class enables the student to apply all of the classroom training to an actual work situation and is an integral part of the Medical Assistant Program. The student will observe, assist and demonstrate administrative, general and clinical skills in the office. All required courses must have been successfully completed or must be taken concurrently. If any required courses being taken concurrently are dropped, the clinical (practicum) may be terminated also. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: MAT 1300, MAT 1400, MAT 2320
Corequisites: MAT 2520.