One Year Maintenance Certificate

Charles Butcher, DM, Chair
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Office: 131 JJC

Manufacturing Engineering Technology Major
Mechanical Engineering Technology Major

Students completing the One Year Maintenance Certificate have demonstrated that they have completed the coursework to be considered for Multi-Skilled Maintenance positions in a manufacturing facility. Multi-skilled maintenance personnel are able to work on electronic, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Technical Standards

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Math Elective
Minimum 3 Credits
IMT 1921Technical Math II3
MTH 1210Mathematics I3
MTH 1370College Algebra4
Drafting Elective
Minimum 2 Credits
AMT 1040Blueprint Reading and Schematics2
IMT 1010Mechanical and Electrical Print Reading2
MET 1000Engineering Graphics with AutoCAD4
MET 1010Blueprint Reading and Sketching3
MET 1050CAD for Electronics2
Electrical Elective
Minimum 2 Credits
AMT 1070Basic Electricity and Electronics3
EET 1110Circuit Analysis I3
IMT 2080Introduction to Electricity3
IMT 2170Industrial Motor Drives2
IMT 2260Industrial Electronic Controls3
Fluid Power Elective
Minimum 2 Credits
AMT 2010Electrohydraulics and Pneumatics4
MET 2310Fluid Power3
Mechanical Elective
Minimum 2 Credits
AMT 1080Mechanical Drive Systems3
AMT 1100Welding and Fabrication3
AMT 1180Tool and Gage Design2
AMT 1200Machine Tool Operations3
IMT 2810Millwright Tools and Equipment2
IMT 2820Mechanical Power Transmission Systems2
MET 1020Material Science3
MET 1110 Manufacturing Processes3
Technical Elective
Minimum 18 Credits
AMT 1020Preventive Maintenance2
AMT 2030Programmable Logic Controllers3
AMT 2050Robot Maintenance3
AMT 2060Controls and Instrumentation3
AMT 2550Fundamentals of Plumbing and Pipefitting2
AMT 2970   Troubleshooting Capstone3
EET 1120Circuit Analysis II3
EET 1130Electronics4
EET 1330 Digital Circuits4
EET 2030Motor Controls3
EET 2310 Microcontroller Fundamentals4
EET 2900Electric Codes and Application2
EET 2910Programmable Controllers3
FMS 2110Basic Robotics and Mechatronics3
FMS 2130 Industrial Mechatronics and Robotics3
FMS 2210CAM/CNC Machining I3
FMS 2220CAM/CNC Machining II3
FMS 2320Manual Machining I2
FMS 2340Numerical Control Concepts2
IMT 2740Advanced Refrigeration and HVAC3
IMT 2750Wastewater Treatment and Operation2
IMT 2850Power Plant Equipment3
Field Experience
Minimum 1 Credit
MET 2991Field Experience1
Total Hours30

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