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SRG 1000 — Theory and Fundamentals

Credit Hours: 7.00

Total Contact Hours: 100.00

Lecture Hours: 4.00

Lab Hours: 6.00

Introduces the framework and environment for the practice of Surgical Technology. Focuses on safety through the impact of sterile technique and sterilization practices, patient care, anesthesia, 'all hazards', and introduces the use of therapeutic communication, professionalism, group process, and critical thinking. Students will be introduced to basic instrumentation, surgical equipment, supplies, sutures, stapling devices, as well as the care, handling, use and assembly of instruments and equipment. During laboratory exercise, students will be introduced to the layout of the operating room suite, sterile and sub-sterile areas. Lab competencies will be assessed in aseptic technique, surgical hand preparation, gowning and gloving techniques, patient positioning, patient skin preparation, patient draping, preoperative patient care techniques to include chart review, vital signs, and intraoperative surgical case management. 'C' grade policy applies.
Corequisites: BIO 1110.