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PTA 1000 — Fundamentals of Physical Therapy for the PTA

Credit Hours: 2.00   Total Contact Hours: 3.00   Lecture Hours: 1.00   Lab Hours: 2.00  

Builds the fundamentals of physical therapy practice for the PTA. The course will examine the utilization of appropriate medical terminology, documentation, and an overview of interventions in the clinical setting. Laboratory sessions will focus on application of patient positioning, bed mobility, transfers, selection and fitting of appropriate mobility devices, applied gait patterns and gait training, infection control and vital signs to specific therapeutic interventions. The acquisition of communicating in an effective and culturally sensitive manner in the clinical setting is also reinforced during laboratory sessions. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BHS 1000 with a 'B-' or better, BHS 1390 with a 'C' or better, BIO 1110 with a 'C' or better, COM 1110 with a 'C' or better, MTH 1260 with a 'C' or better
Corequisites: PTA 1110, PTA 1140.