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OTA 2200 — Capstone for Occupational Therapy Assistant       2 Credit hours  2 Contact hours

Provides the student with opportunities to become increasingly aware of professional issues affecting the field of occupational therapy and to demonstrate their proficiency of integrating technical knowledge with core skills and abilities. Journaling and group participation is used to share experiences from clinical practice in various occupational therapy work settings. Directed on-line and classroom discussion and assignments related to clinical and management experiences will allow for exploration of multiple practice and management issues, will emphasize situational problem solving and will ultimately encourage the establishment of life-long learning habits. The course will include an examination of the student's growth in diversity, critical thinking and writing. Culmination of OTA program knowledge will occur in a project to promote the profession which will be presented to mentors in the clinic and peers in the classroom and in a final review of the OTA curriculum with preparation for the OTA national certification, and state licensure exams. "C" grade policy applies.
Corequisites: OTA 2170, OTA 2180.