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OTA 2180 — Fieldwork II

Credit Hours: 4.00   Total Contact Hours: 18.95   Lecture Hours: 0.25   Lab Hours: 18.70  

Provides an advanced clinical experience under the guidance and supervision of an occupational therapy practitioner. Prepares students for the work force by developing their entry-level skills relating to the provision of role appropriate OT services, and demonstration of professional and ethical behavior while completing a minimum of 8 full-time hours at an assigned field work site. In addition, the student will meet with the course instructor one time/week where reflection and self-assessment will allow the students to fully integrate technical and clinical knowledge and develop the clinical reasoning, professional behaviors and the use of self necessary for entry-level work as an OTA. A "Satisfactory" grade must be achieved for graduation. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: OTA 2140, OTA 2151, OTA 2161
Corequisites: OTA 2170, OTA 2200.