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MAT 1010 — Medical Assisting I    3 Credit hours  2 Contact hours

Introduces the student to the health care system and the role of the medical assistant and scope of practice in different health-care environments. Overview of the health care industry, including organization of ambulatory care practice groups, solo practice, offices, hospitals, professional organizations and federal health care programs and health care delivery trends and issues. Identifying and demonstrating concepts of effective communication with the health-care team, patients and their families is explored. Investigation and exploration of technologies used in the healthcare setting, including, but not limited to: HIPAA security & privacy, telemedicine, medical transcription and technology as it relates to various specialties. Introduction of electronic medical records (EMR). Current technologies will be added to the course as needed. Students need a solid knowledge base of medical terminology, anatomy and physiology and computer skills to perform many of the functions in this class.
Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Medical Assisting Program.
Corequisites: MAT-1010L, BIO 1110, BHS 1380.