Student Activities & Athletics

Students from both Rhodes State College and The Ohio State University at Lima are encouraged to participate in any of the student activities and athletic programming available on campus.

Athletic Programs

Rhodes State College and The Ohio State University at Lima are members of the Ohio Regional Campus Conference (ORCC) and compete with other regional campus teams throughout the year. Before each season, open tryouts are held for each sport. The ORCC team sports include women’s volleyball, and basketball; and men’s basketball, golf and baseball. All teams compete in a state tournament at the end of their respective seasons. For a student to be eligible to play, they must take a minimum of seven credit hours during the semester of participation, and maintain a GPA of 1.7 or greater per Ohio Regional Campus Conference regulation.

Intramural and Recreational Programs

Students interested in athletic and recreational activities in a leisure setting are encouraged to get involved with intramural activities. The Office of Recreational and Athletic Programs is located on the first floor of Cook Hall. The College offers several intramural activities including: volleyball, basketball, bowling, whiffle ball, soccer and flag football. Each sport has a regular season and a tournament for the championship.

Cultural Programs

The Ohio State-Lima Theatre Department offers students the opportunity to become involved in all areas of a dramatic production. Students can perform or become involved with the technical production of plays and musicals.  

Social Programs

A variety of social and entertaining programs are scheduled throughout the academic year. These events include films, comedy and novelty programs, an annual Spring Festival Celebration and a variety of diverse programs. Students are always welcome to assist in planning these events.

Student Clubs and Organizations

All students are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities ranging from diversity programming, student clubs and organizations, as well as numerous campus committees.  Involvement in campus activities provides many new challenges and opportunities to learn.  Clubs and organizations represent the most visible and accessible path to student involvement.  Students can participate in co-curricular activities including lectures, wellness, dramas, entertainment and various educational programs. Student organizations cover a wide spectrum of interests to meet the needs of students. Further information may be obtained from the Office of Student Activities, Galvin Hall, Rm. 066.