Tuition and Fees

Student Onboarding Fee

A non-refundable student onboarding fee of $25 is charged to each applicant for admission to full-or part-time status. The student onboarding fee is only charged once, at the time of registration for the student’s first semester, and is due with the first-semester bill.

Registration Fee

There is a non-refundable registration fee of $31 per term for part-time (1-11 credit hours) students. Full-time students, defined as taking 12 credit hours or more, will not be charged a registration fee. This is refunded only when classes are canceled by the College.

Tuition Charges

Tuition charges are per credit hour. Students pay for every credit hour registered.

Credit Hours Ohio Resident Non-Resident
1 $ 185.00 $ 360.38
2 $ 370.00 $ 720.76
3 $ 555.00 $ 1,081.14
4 $ 740.00 $ 1,441.52
5 $ 925.00 $ 1,801.90
6 $ 1,110,00 $ 2,162.28
7 $ 1,295.00 $ 2,522.66
8 $ 1,480.00 $ 2,883.04
9 $ 1,665.00 $ 3,243.42
10 $ 1,850.00 $ 3,603.80
11 $ 2,035.00 $ 3,964.18
12 $ 2,220.00 $ 4,324.56
13 $ 2,405.00 $ 4,684.94
14 $ 2,590.00 $ 5,045.32
15 $ 2,775.00 $ 5,405.70
16 $ 2,960.00 $ 5,766.08
17 $ 3,145.00 $ 6,126.46
18 $ 3,330.00 $ 6,486.84
19 $ 3,515.00 $ 6,847.22
20 $ 3,700.00 $ 7,207.60

NOTICE: Tuition and all fees are subject to change without prior notice.

Refund of Tuition

To receive a tuition refund, students must complete the drop/add form in the Office of Advising and Counseling, Room 148 of the Public Service Building. The date used to calculate the amount of fees to be refunded will be the date which the completed drop/add form is approved by the Office of Advising and Counseling. The refund schedule for a standard term is as follows:

Week Days of Term Refund %
(1) First 1-7 100
(2) Second 8-14 50

No refunds will be given for courses dropped after the second week of the term. All refunds will be issued within 30 days of the approved withdrawal.

Forms of Payment

Cash, checks and money order payments can be made in person at the Business Office PS222 during normal business hours.  Payments can also be made on student accounts by accessing the student STARS account.  Rhodes State College accepts online only payments of tuition and fees by MasterCard, Visa, Discover or American Express.  Credit card payments are processed through a third-party vendor (Cashnet) who assesses an additional 2.75% convenience fee.  In addition, payments made by credit card may be subject to additional fees and interest assessed by the card issuer.  The convenience fee, as well as any applicable fees or interest assessed by the card issuer, are not assessed by Rhodes State College and are not refundable through Rhodes State College regardless of circumstances.

Student Installment Payment Plan

Rhodes State College offers convenient payment plans allowing students to pay in more manageable monthly installments with a minimal, non-refundable, $20 enrollment fee.  Students can use a plan to pay all or part of their tuition and avoid the high interest rates that normally come with a traditional loan.

• Simple enrollment process ensuring students accounts are set up properly with the College

• Payments conveniently made electronically — no postage or lines to worry about

• Easy access to manage accounts online

In order to allow family and friends to help students with their payments, students can send an email, with an imbedded link, that will allow others to make payments on the student account.

Payment plans are processed through a third-party vendor (Cashnet).  Students can access the payment plan option through their STARS account.  The enrollment fee is not assessed by Rhodes State College and is not refundable through Rhodes State College regardless of circumstances.

Late Payment Fee

There is a late payment fee of $50 for tuition and fees received after the published payment deadline that are not enrolled in a payment plan, or those still having an outstanding balance.

Late payments on payment plans are assessed by Cashnet and not by Rhodes State College.

Returned Payment Fee

A fee of $35 will be assessed for all checks returned to the College. A fee of $25 will be assessed for all rejected web payments.

Delinquent Payments

Students who have neglected to pay their fees in full may be denied services such as grades, transcripts, financial aid, further registration, and graduation. Some accounts may be referred to a collection agency. In addition to any outstanding tuition and fees, the student will be responsible for the costs of collection including, without limitation, interest, penalties, collection agency costs, court costs, and attorney fees.

Students that encounter difficulty in meeting their financial obligations should discuss the situation with the Business Office or Financial Aid Office before such measures become necessary.

Laboratory Fees and Instructional Support Charges

Laboratory fees and instructional support charges will be assessed for the cost of supplies and equipment used in selected courses.

Distance Education Fee

There is a $10.50 per credit hour charge for each distance education course taken.

Technology Fee

There is a $3 per credit hour charge for technology to full-time and part-time status students taking over three credit hours per semester.

Tuition Reimbursement/Deferment Option

For students eligible for tuition reimbursement benefits from their employer, the College offers deferment of tuition and fees until 30 days after the term of registration. There is a $25 fee per term to defer tuition with this option. It is necessary for students to complete the Tuition Reimbursement/Deferment form each term they choose to use this option. The $25 fee is payable when the deferment form is presented to the Business Office.

Credit by Examination, Credit for Experience, and Credit for Non-Academic Learning

Students may receive up to 30 credit hours. The fee is $25 per credit hour, payable in the Business Office. These requests cannot be processed during the term of intended graduation. See the Dean/Chairperson of your academic division for more information.