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WLD 1000 — Weld Joint Design and Preparation

Credit Hours: 3.00   Total Contact Hours: 5.00   Lecture Hours: 1.00   Lab Hours: 4.00  

Introduces students to the field of welding. This course is broken into three modules. It is competency based and each module must be completed before continuing on to the next. Module 1 (Safety and Joint Design) covers safety rules for the welding lab and issues such as dealing with ultraviolet rays, burns, fumes, and electrical hazards. Introduces the print symbols and terminology used in fabricating and welding basic joints that are commonly seen on blueprints. Module 2 (Welding Code/Weld Measurement/Hand Tools) introduces welding codes and standards, identification of welding flaws, and the tools used to measure aspects of the weld. Emphasizes safety protocols and proper usage of hand tools in a welding lab. Module 3 (Material Cutting/Grinding/Fabrication) explores the set-up and use of the Oxy/Fuel cutting torch, the Oxy/Fuel line cutter, Plasma Arc cutting, safety protocols, and proper use of power tools in the welding lab. Also explores how to assemble various weld joints.