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RES 2430 — Advanced Clinical Experience II

Credit Hours: 4.00   Total Contact Hours: 20.00   Lecture Hours: 20.00  

Provides further clinical experiences that will include continued rotations in adult critical care settings, as well as new specialty rotations in such areas as neonatal/pediatrics, sleep disorder clinics, home care, skilled nursing facilities, and HPS. Students will also gain clinical experience in the care of neonatal patients through rotations in the labor & delivery and neonatal ICU areas. The clinical experience will culminate in a preceptorship rotation in which the student gains real-world experience through management of a full work assignment, under the watchful eye of an assigned mentor. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BHS 2100, BHS 2200, BHS 2300, RES 2410
Corequisites: RES 2510.