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PTA 2250 — Capstone Course for the PTA   

Credit Hours: 2.00   Total Contact Hours: 2.00   Lecture Hours: 2.00  

Accompanies the terminal clinical rotations of the Physical Therapist Assistant Program and prepares the student clinician to transition into the healthcare workforce as a licensed physical therapist assistant. Students will complete a "Clinical Education Passport" to validate exposure to a variety of patients and interventions and to document completion of supplemental learning activities. The capstone experience in PTA allows students to demonstrate their proficiency in technical knowledge with integration of the Rhodes State College Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs). This is accomplished through student participation in the Health Science Division's Cultural and Diversity Awareness Retreat where students will work as interdisciplinary teams to address a complex patient diagnosis. Students will also actively prepare for the national Physical Therapist Assistant Licensure Examination with in depth focus on the laws and rules governing physical therapy practice in the state of Ohio and through biweekly review modules to identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Other elements of the course include resume development, participation in mock interviews, and application for the physical therapist assistant licensure examination. 'C' grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: PTA 2100, PTA 2120
Corequisites: PTA 2200, PTA 2220.