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PTA 1100 — Introduction to Physical Therapy    3 Credit hours  1 Contact hour

Builds the foundation for the development of the PTA. The course will examine the utilization of appropriate medical terminology and documentation in the clinical setting. Laboratory sessions will focus on patient positioning, bed mobility, transfers, selection and fitting mobility aids, infection control procedures, and monitoring vital signs. The acquisition of communicating in an effective and culturally sensitive manner in the clinical setting is also reinforced during laboratory sessions. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: Must be remediation free with a 2.75 GPA Academic Advisor from Public Service Office 148 will verify eligibility and complete course registration
Corequisites: PTA-1100L.

Physical Therapist Assistant

Andrea Liles, MPT, Program Coordinator Phone: (419) 993-7420 Email: Office: 105B Tech Edu Lab