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OTA 2100 — Occupational Therapy for Psychosocial Dysfunction I 2 Credit hours  1 Contact hour

Relates occupational therapy treatment theories and intervention to psychosocial dysfunction. The diversity of the consumer will be explored, as will diagnosis, symptoms and behaviors, psychotropic medications, and specific needs for various populations. The history of occupational therapy in mental health, current treatment settings and issues, the role of the OTA, and ethical concerns will be discussed. The occupational therapy process including evaluation, treatment planning, therapeutic intervention and documentation specific to this area will be modeled and practiced. Culmination of course materials will occur through a case study project. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: PSY 1730 "C" grade policy applies
Corequisites: OTA-2100L, OTA 2130, OTA-2130C, OTA-2130L.