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OTA 1020 — Occupational Therapy Process 2 Credit hours  1 Contact hour

Provides an emphasis on the process of the provision of occupational therapy services, including proper documentation of those services. The role of the OTA and the importance of collaboration with the OT is stressed. Screening and assessment skills covered include observations, histories, interviews, and standardized tests. The student will be expected to competently perform several standardized assessments, including but not limited to those related to Occupational Performance and the Biomechanical Frame of Reference. Application of assessment results in intervention planning, implementation and review is introduced. "C" grade policy applies.
Prerequisites: BHS 1390 with a "C" or better, OTA 1010, Acceptance to the OTA Program.
Corequisites: OTA-1020L, OTA 1030, OTA 1050.