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HST 2521 — Women in World History

Credit Hours: 3.00

Total Contact Hours: 30.00

Lecture Hours: 3.00

Covers societies from classical times to the twentieth century, enabling exploration of what happens to established ideas about men, women, and gender roles when different cultural systems come into contact. Some topics discussed include Women & Athenian Democracy, Women's access to power in Imperial Rome, Concubines & foot binding, Queen Victoria, Cleopatra, Tz'u Hsi, Florence Nightingale, Marie Curie, among others.
Transfer: TM.

Education Concentration

...or HST 1011 or HST 1012 or HST 1334 or HST 2510 or HST 2521...

Sociology Concentration

...2411 or HST 1011 or HST 1012 or HST 2510 or HST 2521 or LIT...

Associate of Arts Degree

...HST 1620 American History Since 1877 3 HST 2300 Technology and Civilization 3 HST 2521...

Business Concentration

...or HST 1012 or HST 1333 or HST 1334 or HST 2510 or HST 2521...