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ENV 2400 — Properties of HAZMAT 3 Credit hours  3 Contact hours

Introduces the fundamentals of chemistry apply to hazardous materials and will cover the risks of mass exposure to such substances. Students will examine the general features of hazardous materials and describe how Federal statutes reduce the risks associated with usage, storage, and transportation of various hazmat. Topics include: risk of exposure, EPA/DOT regulations, chemical behavior or hazardous materials (i.e. hydrocarbons, flammable liquids/solids, oxidizers, corrosives, compressed gases, radioactive materials, explosives, toxic materials, water reactive materials), identification of physical/ chemical properties of substances, the fire triangle, DOT hazard classifications/hazmat table. Responding to incidents involving hazmat & fundamentals of toxicology and toxicological effects.
Corequisites: CHM 1110.