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EMS 1190 — Fire Safety Inspector

Credit Hours: 3.00   Total Contact Hours: 4.80   Lecture Hours: 2.80   Lab Hours: 2.00  

Meets the standards for Fire Safety Inspector prescribed in H.B. 590. The student will gain the fundamental knowledge and skills to conduct fire safety inspections. Students will be introduced to various codes needed to develop a working knowledge of the inspection process. As such, each student should be familiar with the codes and standards in effect within the State of Ohio. Topics include the fire inspector's responsibilities and role in code enforcement, general fire prevention practices, competencies, life safety considerations, fire safety requirements related to HazMat; electrical systems; occupancy and fire protection systems. Course content is designed to meet certification requirements as established by the Ohio Department of Public Safety, and NFPA 1031-Fire Inspector Professional Qualifications. Students are required to attend all scheduled classes and pass both a written and practical examination to successfully complete this course. To become certified, students must also pass the Division of E.M.S. Fire Safety Inspector examination. This course is offered through a cooperative agreement with Apollo Career Center.