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EMS 1170 — Level I Firefighter 5 Credit hours  8 Contact hours

Meets all the NFPA Level I Fire Fighter course objectives. Topics include Fire Department Organization and Safety, Fire Alarm and Communications, Fire Behavior, Overhaul, Personal Protective Equipment/SCBA, Fire Hose, Appliances and Streams, Foam Fire Systems, Fire Control, Fire Cause and Origin, Rescue, Water Supplies, Fire Detection, Alarm, and Suppression Systems, Fire Prevention, Public Fire Education, and Fire Cause Determination, Building Construction, Forcible Entry, Ventilation and Tools, Ropes, Salvage, Fire Extinguishers, Ground Ladders, Emergency Medical Care, HazMat, ICS, Practical Evolutions, and Live Fire Training. Students are required to attend all scheduled classes and pass both a written and practical examination to successfully complete this course. To become certified, students must also pass the Division of E.M.S. Fire Safety Inspector examination. This course is offered through a cooperative agreement with Apollo Career Center Ohio Fire Charter Number 102.